Cultural, historical, and psychological insights


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            Europe (1967) Train travel to cities and museums all over Western Europe plus East Berlin.

            Denmark (1991) Semester on an exchange program with family, plus travel around Europe.

            USSR (1991) Study tour of Moscow, Riga, & St. Petersburg in middle of collapse of USSR.

            Turkey (2000) Teaching summer school in Istanbul, Dervishes, trips to Ephesus & Cappadocia.

            Hungary & Bulgaria (2000) Sightseeing in Budapest and music festival in Sofia with family.

            United Kingdom (2001) Conferences, sightseeing, & discos in London & Winchester.

            Spain (2005) Conferences in Granada & San Sebastian, sightseeing in Cordoba & Seville.

            Ireland (2006) History, sightseeing and discos in Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, and Galway.

            Greece (2006) Sightseeing in Athens, conference on island Spetses, then disco in London.

            Germany (2008) Berlin Wall, conferences & sightseeing in Berlin & Bremen, plus Rhine cruise.

            Ireland & UK (2010) Visiting daughter in Cork, Belfast, and her conference in Oxford.

            Ireland & Netherlands (2011) Dingle & Cork with sister, visiting daughter and Amsterdam.

            Poland* (2011) History, conference in Gdansk, sightseeing in Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane.

            Finland & Estonia* (2012) History and sightseeing with daughter, plus visiting relatives.

            Sweden & England* (2013) History & conference in Stockholm, sightseeing in Cambridge.

            France* (2014) Changes since 1967, conferences and sightseeing in Paris and Reims.

            Italy & Portugal* (2015) Conference in Milan, then sightseeing in four cities in Portugal.

            Netherlands & Poland* (2017) Conferences & sightseeing in Amsterdam & Warsaw.

            *the journal refers to photos posted on Shutterfly.



            Japan (1993) Summer on exchange program near Tokyo plus train travel to 21 cities.

            China (1998) Study tour with sightseeing around Shanghai, Beijing, and Inner Mongolia.

            Thailand (2003) Visit friend in Bangkok, Hill Tribes around Chang Mai and Chang Rai.

            Korea (2004) Cultural bridge between China & Japan, history and sightseeing in 3 cities.

            China (2004) Conference and sightseeing around Xian, including tomb with clay warriors.

            Thailand & Japan (2016) Visit friend in Bangkok, sightseeing & conference in Yokohama.


            LATIN AMERICA

            Mexico (2001) Study tour in Tijuana with Urban Sociology class & wife, plus border issues.

            Peru (2003) Conference in Lima, sightseeing in Cusco, Sacred Valley, & Machu Picchu.

            Mexico (2004) Lecture in Mˇrida, history, Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza & Uxmal, in Yukatan.

            Mexico (2005) Multinational organizations in Mexicali with a Business Administration class.

            Mexico (2006) Second study tour in Tijuana with Urban Sociology class, more border issues.

            Mexico (2007) History and two conferences in Mexico City, plus daytrips to temples, etc.

            Argentina* (2012) Multinational organizations in Buenos Aires with a class, plus history

            Puerto Rico* (2022) History of colonization, sightseeing, and conference in San Juan.



            Australia* (2006) History and sightseeing with my family, due to wife's geology conference.

            Australia (2010) Pre-conference workshop, conference, and some sightseeing in Melbourne.

            New Zealand* (2010) Scenic train trips and sightseeing in Christchurch, Wellington, & Auckland.



            Egypt (1995) Historic cultural influences and sightseeing in Cairo and along the Nile.

            World-SAS (2002) Voyage with classes plus fieldtrips in 10 ports around the world.

            South Africa (2012*) History, conferences in Stellenbosch and Cape Town, and sightseeing.

            Canada* (2018) Sightseeing and conferences in Edmonton, Montreal, and near Toronto.



            Early Travels in US before 1967 as a child, teenager, and young adult.

            Further Travels in US between 1967 and 1991 as an adult with a family.

            California (1993) Scuba diving lessons with son and Sea Explorer Scouts.

            Hawaii (1999) Workshop at U of HI-Manoa, sightseeing around Honolulu & on Kauai.

            Georgia (2000) History, sightseeing, discos, conferences, & meeting people in Atlanta.

            California (2006) Hiking with family on beach and in mountains above Santa Barbara.

            Oregon (2006) Boating on Columbia River with relatives, sightseeing in Pendleton.

            Mississippi River (2007) History and sightseeing in St. Louis, Hannibal, & Memphis.

            New Mexico (2007) History, cultures, and sightseeing in Santa Fe and Taos, with friends.

            Texas (2008) History, live music, dance clubs, and sightseeing, vising nephew in Austin.

            Heart Surgery (2009) A medical adventure of open-heart surgery to repair mitral valve.

            Alaska* (2012) History, cruise to Tracy Arm Fjord, Skagway, Juneau, & Ketchikan.

            Louisiana (2013) Pre-conference & conference in New Orleans, sightseeing & Mardi Gras.

            Texas (2014) Conference, live music, and visiting nephew's family in Austin.

            Reunion (2022) High school reunion weekend in Madras, Oregon.